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Pakistan nerve center of terrorism’: MEA rebuts Imran Khan’s claims on Pulwama

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had accused India of blaming his government over the Pulwama attack "without any evidence", despite the Pak-based JeM claiming responsibility for the attack. 

In a sharp riposte to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on his response to Pulwama terror attack, India on Tuesday said it was not surprised that Islamabad refused to acknowledge the attack as an act of terrorism and demanded that Pakistan take “credible and visible action” against its perpetrators.


“We are not surprised that Pakistan PM refuses to acknowledge the attack on our security forces in Pulwama as an act of terrorism. Prime Minister of Pakistan has neither chosen to condemn this heinous act nor condoled,” the Ministry of External Affairs said, hours after Khan ruled out his country’s involvement in the deadly terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district, in which 40 CRPF jawans were killed. READ | Pakistan PM Imran Khan: Open to probe, will retaliate if India attacks.
“India’s democracy is a model for the world which Pakistan would never understand. We demand Pakistan to stop misleading the international community and take credible and visible action against the perpetrators of Pulwama terror attack,” it said.

It is a well-known fact that Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) and its leader Masood Azhar are based in Pakistan, the MEA said. “These should be sufficient proof for Pakistan to take action,” it said.

MPs of reserved women seats have sworn in tomorrow

The oath of the elected MPs in reserved seats for the 11th Parliament will be held on Wednesday

The oath of the elected MPs in reserved seats for the 11th Parliament will be held on Wednesday. The Parliament Secretariat's Public Relations Division said that the newly elected MPs will be sworn in at 10:30 am in the oath room of Parliament House. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury

Among the elected MPs in reserved seats, 43 were elected for the Awami League nomination, four were elected in the Jatiya Party nomination, one was elected by the Waqar Party and one from the individual members was elected from the group.

The election was not held in a reserved constituency, given that eight members of the BNP and the National Opinion Front were not included in the parliament. Meanwhile, the Election Commission has published the notification mentioning the address of 49 MPs of reserved women seats of the Jatiya Sangsad.
BD-Daily / February 19, 2015 / Mahbub

All true mother's advice on love

Sarah Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan

Although, Sarita Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor's relationship with her is very nice. Both of them have a lot to say about themselves with their mother. Kareena Kapoor Khan has given advice on the love of her husband on the first side of her husband because of a friendly relationship.

Kareena Kapoor recently appeared on a talk show. Along with friend Amrita Arora Kareena, who talks about what kind of advice she is giving to Sarita Sarha, said at the ceremony. He advised Sarah, 'Do not go shopping with the first hero.'

Eprothom Alo Sarah Ali Khan's first film, Siddhant Singh Rajput, the hero of Kedarnath. Although the name does not speak, Kareena has said that Sushant Singh's words are not left to understand. But the relationship with Sushanta was made in the relationship? However, Kareena did not want to say anything about this.

Whether or not there is love with Sushanta, the relationship with Kartik Arian has been published many times in many places by Sarah Ali Khan. But after the release of Kedarnath, Rumu's love affair with Sushanta was created. Of course, the rumor has swept away in the wind.

Kareena also spoke about her husband Saif Ali Khan at the ceremony. Saif is disturbed by any bad habes? That's why we need to massage the feet of Saif's feet wherever we go on earth. Whether it is on the plane or at the airport.

Earlier, Sarah spoke about her husband. Kareena also told her husband, 'I can not be Sarah and Ibrahim's mother. But I can be a good friend. Because they have a very good mother, who made them very loving. I love them, but I will not be their mother. When I need them, I will try to fill it. "Source: Hindustan Times....

Messi crossed the Embaeppe

In the 18th match of the Kylian Mbabpe league, he got 19 goals

In the Kylian Mbabpe league, he scored 19 goals in 19 goals. The top five leagues in Europe are the highest among the goalscorers without penalty. Lionel Messi is behind this as well. Despite being a penalty goal, Messi does not have much behind in the list of the highest goalscorer in the European leagues. Cristiano Ronaldo is also competing with the ambassador
Apart from me, the PSG will win the Champions League - Neymar said he believed in the belief that after breaking the meteorsals of the foot, he went out of the field. Edison Cavanio has left the field with injury. PSG beat Manchester United 2-0 in the first leg of the Champions League without Neymar-Cavanni. Brazil's former defender Kafur also feels that without the Neymar, the PSG will not win the Champions League but will also play at least in the final.

The 1994 and 2002 World Cup winning star Kafu said, "It is true that PSG will miss Neymar. But if you have seen the PSG match in the field of opposition, then it can be assumed that the team will play the final. Neymar can win the final.

Kylian Mbabpe, the youngest member of the group's attacker, is taking PSG to Neymar-Cavani's absence. He scored a goal in the 2-0 win against United. The French striker is going ahead with the Thomas Towck's French league one ahead. PSG has lost a 1-0 win in the 1-0 the third day of the match. Embaep from the left edge of the castle Alvez crosses the net in a great street. This was his 19th goal in 18 matches. The 20-year-old ambassador to the World Cup has scored the record for most goals in the first 18 of the league games in 45 years.

Excited PSG coach Tomas Tukhel said, "He teaches his values ​​every day in practice. He has the hunger for goals, goals and goals. And this quality is a special player. "Amabap praised his opponent coach Juan Luis Gasset," We have lost a goal that is not going to be scored ... 20 year old boy will soon be the best player in the world. "

Embaappe is not going to be praised. His singing solidarity song, 'We played against a tough team in their field. Only a few teams can think of winning here. We are happy to return with three points. We have to play like this. My goal statistics can be very good, but better as a PSG team. "On the second leg of the second league win ahead of PSG Twokel's team has topped with 62 points in 23 matches. Lille points second place to 50 in 25 matches

Barcelona is not afraid of Leo

Wait a long time for Leon After seven years, Leo has returned to the last sixteen of the Champions League. They have got the most difficult opponents to return. Today's opponent of the French club's five-time champions Barcelona If you do not want to honor the Catalan club as well as the team, then Lionel Messi will have to keep him as lenokake. Argentine forward is in great form this season. Messi is likely to be confronted with matches at home, but he is not afraid to miss Barcelona, ​​though he is not afraid.

In the French league, there are three lions. The road was not easy even when the Champions League reached the last sixteen. The five teams have crossed the group stage after scoring five draws. But midfielder Hosem Aurey's confidence is not able to pinpoint anything, "We have made good preparations for this match and our full attention is to match this match. We know very well what the challenge is waiting for us, but we will defeat all of them in the field. "

Lions coach Bruno Gensoo himself said that to stop Barcelona, ​​more than a hundred percent of the ability to pay. But the franchise club is not getting the best creative players in the team. Nabil Fakir does not accept the rate at the rate of injury. Arora also admitted that it would be difficult to win without Fakir, "There is a great player in the field all around him (Barcelona). Only one or both of them will not be able to cope if others have the ability to suffer you. We usually lose without Fakir. But I know there are many people in the team.

Coach Zencio also believes that tough tests are waiting for them, "We know we can compete, but we are not favorites. Boys will have to work a lot. We have to trust ourselves. "But Barcelona are getting some confidence as coach. Because the start of the Champions League is that they have been against Manchester City. Limon has won 2-1 in the City. Jencio, "Manchester City and Barcelona are both very aggressive teams, and many of their football philosophies are nearby, one of which is Poznan football. I think playing with the city will work well.

But Leo Coach is leading Barcelona ahead of the city. Because, 'Barcelona are a little different because they have Lionel Messi. We have to deal with him. '

Indian army warns

In Kashmir, if someone guns a gun they will be killed
If a Kashmiri gunman lifted the gun in front of the country, he would be killed. Lieutenant General Kanwaljit Singh Dillon of the Indian Army gave this warning. He is the Commander of Chinar Corps of the Indian Army.

On Thursday, 40 Indian paramilitary personnel were killed in militant hideouts in the Indian army's Pulwama. The army officer warned against the people involved in the incident, there is no question of da'amayya. This threat to militants in Srinagar on Tuesday. He said, in whose hands the gun is seen, he will be killed if that person does not surrender.

Indian forces killed several militants after Eprothom Alo Talwala incident Three Indian soldiers died in the search operation, besides one Indian army officer. The assassination of three Indian militants, including one of whom is a Pakistani, is claimed by Indian forces. After the successful operation, Kanwaljit Singh threatened the militants.

To Kashmiri mothers, he said, 'I ask all of you to ask the misguided boys to return to the country's main stream. Their sign. If not, the person with whom the gun is seen will be killed. "Kanwaljit Singh, in a joint press conference with army forces, CRPF and Jammu and Kashmir Police in Srinagar, today warned.

There is a project for rehabilitation of militants in the state. Those who left the arms, who came back to the main stream, they have been experimenting in many ways. Youths are encouraged to play in different sports without being attracted to the jumping. Real Football Club is running in the national league championship. Thousands of people are coming to the field when this team is playing. Encourage the team.

Cutting the soil of the river cost millions of corruption

10 arrested in ACC operation in three districts

The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has raided three districts in connection with the destruction of river banks, destruction of the river, and illegal trade of millions of rupees by mischining the environment of Gomti, Nagor and Kaliganj rivers. Today, 10 people have been arrested and fined in these operations conducted on Tuesday.

ACC's coordinator and director general (administration) Mohammad Monir Chowdhury confirmed the matter in the first light.

Eprothom Alo said the ACC teamed up simultaneously in three districts, accusing the ACC's (106) complainants of the crime, the Enforcement team of ACC.
Under the leadership of Deputy Director of Comilla Office Helal Uddin Sharif, the upazila administration, police and ACC team led the operation to prevent illegal sand evacuation on the banks of Gomti river in the Goddess of Comilla. Five people were arrested and sentenced to mobile courts in the operation. At the same time two tractors and two dredger machines were destroyed.

Shariakupa upazila of Jhenaidah district and deputy director of the Jessore office of the ACC office in Digengor union. The ACC team led by Nazmus Sadat led the operation. During the operation, one was arrested and sentenced to jail in the Kaliganj river.

Sub-director against illegal withdrawal of land in Khulna of Bogra upazila of Bogra. Under the leadership of Moniruzzaman, a group of ACC teamed up with the help of local administration and police. Four people were sentenced to six months imprisonment and fined Tk 8 lakh. A large quantity of dredger machines and pipes were destroyed at the same time. In addition, the accused will be sued in the Environment Act against the accused, the authorities concerned said.

Regarding the operation, ACC director general Munir Chowdhury said, "These anti-environmental crimes are the source of corruption. The ACC will take legal action soon after taking out the accounts of those who are making illegal money from them. The campaign will continue to protect the environment, surroundings and natural resources.